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The cons of the online class system

The rising popularity of home-schooling and online tutoring is doing the rounds in newspapers and over the internet, very recently we have started coming across numerous advertisement promising high class certified diplomas and degrees just by attending online courses, where this might seem one of the most effective options if you wish to take up a foreign degree, however there are lots of disadvantages to this.
The online class system is very simple, first you look for the universities that provide such programs, and they are still not in great number, however the concept is slowly but surely gaining lots of popularity and penetration. Students select the programs in the universities that offer online courses; they pay for the course and start following the instructions and modules given to them. Obviously there is no supervision, no class environment and no conventional ways of teaching that have proven to be effective for all times but yes there could be some advantages. However, today we’ll talk about some of the cons of the online class system:
– Lack of university environment: For students to grow and mature as well as understand the importance of academic life, it is essential for them to study and work in the environment that promotes all these elements, online class systems fail to provide such settings.
– Lack of supervision: There is no strict check or supervision, students could be like: okay, I will pay someone to take my online class; lack of effective standard operating procedures, controls and proper supervision is the biggest flaw in online studying programs.
– Online class systems fail to teach the students’ traits like working in pressure, how to tackle competition from fellow mates and being disciplined, with their extreme flexibility, online class systems as a matter of fact can make students lethargic and habitual of working in extremely comfortable situations.
– Different evaluation methods: Since the way of teaching is different, so is the evaluation method, online programs usually have completely different mechanisms for evaluating students and they are prone to cheating and fraud as well again due to lack of effective controlling measures.
– Differences in quality of student learning: With programs tailor made to suit online system, students could be having a decreased quality of the same program compared to how it is taught in physical university.
– Finally online class systems are difficult to keep track, there are chances of fraudulent activities from all parties.

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